The One

The One(who Wears the Crown, of Gold and Silver, who Stands above Others) is the ruler of the Pantheon. Like the Lord of Sands he has few temples and is worshipped only by a select few. Seen by many to divine the distribution of power; rulers and individuals of great strength often erect shrines in his honour although he rarely ever communicates with mortals and he physical manifestation has never been seen.

He is opposed by all of the Pantheon, except the Lord, who dislike his power over them. His reasons for tolerating their schemes and machinations are unknown but most scholars doubt it is any human form of affection or sentimentality.

He is arrogant, proud and believes only in strength. He could be an incredibly powerful ally or more likely a very deadly foe.

One of his paladins was involved in the attempted kidnapping of the princess by men of the lord of Linnistt.

The One

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