Taking on the Gods!

The Gods are stirring and this never means well for us mortals. It has yet to be shown what will happen to us, all I know is that it should be quite a ride.

Please get any characters you make uploaded as soon as you can.

Include any future characters, it makes it easier for me in the long run even if I dont really want you to die.

Feel free to make additions to the wiki to further explain your backstory. I will be making updates to the wiki up to and while we play the campaign proper.

I am working through the pages I need to write, if you need/want more specific information on one of the pages ask me and I’ll update it to include that information or I’ll let you know that you can’t know that yet.

P.S. As we play I would like each of the pages to gain a quote from one of the players an example being Wardens. These do not have to be done now but as the campaign progresses an you encounter the topics mentioned in the wiki it would be great if we could get reaction quotes on all of them.

I’m sure these will come in more useful later.

Taking on the Gods

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